Engage is a transformative, 9-month certification program with academic credit from Bethel Seminary.

The Engage Certification Sets You Apart

Deepen Your Knowledge

With Engage, you will explore biblical and theological foundations for ministry. As you examine how this effects discipleship of children and families, you will build a solid academic foundation that supports your entire ministry.

Expand Your Ministry

As you go through Engage, you will learn how to apply your new knowledge and understanding to key areas. Not only that, but you will have a cohort of other leaders to support you as you apply these discoveries!

Grow Your Leadership

Engage gives you a rigorous and immediately applicable academic experience that advances your leadership and develops your influence in not only your church, but also in the whole ministry community.

How to Complete Engage Certification

  • Register online

    Secure your spot in this year's cohort by registering online. You will receive your student welcome email right away, and get access to the syllabus and online classroom.

  • Start class in September

    Your journey begins online as you start coursework with fellow members of your cohort. You will discover that not only will this journey include academic work, but also personal development of you as a disciple of Jesus.

  • Experience Bonus Online Training!

    About 15 hours of your Engage Certification experience will be completed at CPC22 in Orlando and an exclusive online event just for Engage students! You'll be able to receive incredible, personalized training at a world-class event and meet your fellow students.

  • Complete your certificate in May

    Congratulations! When you complete your journey in May of 2022, you will hold a ministry certificate from INCM with academic credit at Bethel Seminary!

What People Are Saying About The Engage Certification Program

  • Nicole

Children’s Pastor, Texas

When you join this certificate program, you are able to go so much deeper in your ministry and you’re able to work with pastors and directors from all over to understand how you can do things differently.

  • Alan

Children’s Pastor, New Mexico

This Certificate in Children’s Ministry has been a great experience. I have enjoyed being challenged in new ways and connecting with fellow children’s ministers to share our hearts and grow together.

  • Lindsey

Upper Elementary Director, Colorado

The certificate has helped me to not feel alone in ministry and to build lifelong friendships. I have a foundation to build upon for Children’s and Family Ministry leadership.


What You Get with Certification

For less than $1500, you get an incredible amount of training and additional value as part of the certification program.

  • 125 hours of training throughout the year

  • Bethel Seminary academic credit

  • Access to 1 year of myINCM

  • 4-day live training at CPC22

  • Development in essential ministry topics

  • Earn a Formal Certificate

  • Network with leaders

  • Flexible delivery

  • Exclusive Online Event for students

Discover How the Engage Certification Will Enhance Your Ministry

Watch the video to hear from past Engage students.  This program is crafted just for children’s and family ministry leaders like you.

Choose Your Engage Program:

Both programs have the same price, value, and features. Each program contains unique curriculum and emphasis.

Children's Ministry

  • Deepen your knowledge of biblical and theological foundations for children’s ministry
  • Learn about practical topics like spiritual formation and discipleship of children
  • Develop your influence as a children’s ministry leader in your church and community.

Select this Program

Family Ministry

  • Deepen your knowledge of biblical and theological foundations for family ministry
  • Learn about practical topics like strengthening family life
  • Develop your impact on family education in the church and family nurture in the home.

Select this Program

Bethel Seminary + INCM

INCM has partnered with Bethel Seminary and their accomplished faculty and staff to provide this in-depth children’s ministry certificate program that will allow leaders to take their next step in church leadership.


Want to know more about Engage?

Engage launches September, 2021, and concludes May, 2022.